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Temporary residence permit

Ukraine, as a geographical center of Europe, always was and remains an attractive country for foreigners. Many visitors decide to stay here for work, educational or business purposes.
Ukrainian regulations have a clear mode of entry to the territory of the country:

  • within the validity of visa for foreigners with citizenship of countries with visa entry requirement;
  • for not more than 90 days Within 180 days period for foreigners with citizenship of countries without visa entry requirement.

If you are planning to stay on the territory of Ukraine for a longer period, you need to consider getting a temporary residence permit.Temporary residence permit – is an identity document of a foreign citizen that gives a legal basis for temporary living on the territory of Ukraine.
The main reasons to get a temporary residence permit:

  • Freedom of traveling within the country;
  • Freedom of crossing the Ukrainian border unlimited times;
  • No need to count the remaining days of your legal stay;
  • Possibility to get visas from embassy/consulship;
  • Possibility to obtain a document that confirms being a tax resident of Ukraine

Ukrainian legal system includes a broad list of the basis for getting a temporary residence permit.The most widespread and accessible is:

  • getting a permit based on allowed employment in Ukraine
  • due to the family reunion. Thus, the family reunion is possible either when one of the partners has citizenship of Ukraine or both partners are foreigners but one of them already has a temporary residence permit.
  • marriage.

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