Миграционное право

Immigration Law

If you need a legal advice on migration issues, specialists at Legit Company are always ready to help. Our experience and rich practice allow us to solve the most complex issues of migration law.
A migration lawyer must have the necessary qualifications, because many issues affect interests and interact with the laws of other states. We have to resolve various disputes and draw up documents based on the legal framework of Ukraine and other countries.
Consultation on migration issues from the legal company Legit Company is a guarantee of their timely and quick solution. Our migration lawyer is an expert in Ukrainian and international law, having all the necessary knowledge and experience.

Easy immigration to Ukraine with Legit Company Law Firm

If you require competent legal support in any matters related to immigration law, our law firm (Kiev) is always at your service. This area of ​​our business is one of the priorities, so you can always count on the professionalism of the Legit Company employees.

Legal services for foreigners


Migration lawyer (Kyiv) is ready to help you in such matters as:

  • the provision of  consultations related to immigration to Ukraine;
  • relocation of foreigners to Ukraine and legalization of their residence and employment;
  • consulting on business matters and full support for starting a business;
  • making requests, applications, documents and submitting them to the state migration service (Ukraine);
  • obtaining a temporary residence permit and a permanent residence permit;
  • obtaining of a work permit in Ukraine for foreign citizens;
  • registration of a foreigner at the place of residence;
  • extension of a foreigner’s stay in Ukraine;
  • obtaining an identification code (tax ID) for a foreigner;
  • confirmation of the citizenship of the child in Ukraine;
  • obtaining a criminal record;
  • representation of an foreigner’s interests in the the State Migration Service of Ukraine during the preparation of an administrative protocol for violation of immigration rules;
  • confirmation of the status of tax resident of Ukraine
  • Type D visa support


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