Intellectual Property & IT Law



The issues of preservation of intellectual property in modern business are one of the most important. Today, intellectual property is a priceless asset of an innovative company.

The Legit Company law firm has the necessary experience to accompany the most complex projects and startups that are related to intellectual property and the activities of IT companies. Our experts have the necessary qualifications and perfectly understand all the nuances and specifics of such a business


In the IP/IT-sphere we can offer you:

  • Trade mark and copyright registration.
  • Protection of rights to intellectual property.
  • Legal Advice.
  • Advising on taxation, including royalty, transactions of providing, development and tech support of software, agreements on double taxation avoidance.
  • Analysis of legal and tax exposures in client`s activity and development of minimization measures.
  • Analysis of client`s activity on concealed employment relations. Advising on exposure elimination in employment relations.
  • Startup consulting and legal support for startups.
  • Preparation of licensing agreements, contracts on creation and transfer of rights on an IP, terms&conditions/ privacy policies of a web-site, memorandums on cooperation and partnership
  • The audit of contract base, primary documentation and finding the most effective mechanisms to avoid possible problems.
  • Development of commercial project realization structure.
  • GDPR compliance and audit.Preparation of necessary documents: Public notices (Privacy Policy / Notice) about the processing of personal data for (a) platform users and (b) employees; Internal documents of the company – data processing procedures, rules for notification of data leakage, accounting of processing operations, etc .; Contracts with partners and contractors of the company.
  • Registration of companies in foreign jurisdictions. Tax planning. Opening bank accounts.


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