Contract Law

Contract law

A well-written contract is a must-have in a company that plays ahead and minimizes risks.
A contract is an instrument to protect the interests of your business. A poorly drafted contract is a source of problems and losses for the entrepreneur.
Contract law is one of the key expertise of the Legit Company Law Firm
If you want the contracts of your enterprise “work for you”, we are happy to offer you such services in this area:

  • Development and drawing up of individual contracts (including foreign trade contracts) and all necessary additions to the contract, taking into account the specifics of your business
  • Amendments to contracts  and agreements, drafting of protocols of disagreements
  • Conducting legal analysis and examination of existing contracts, providing recommendations to maximize the protection of the client’s interests.
  • Audit of the contractual base for the identification of potential risks, including tax risks.
  • Conducting negotiations (conference calls, email correspondence, and personal meetings) with counterparts to defend the client’s position.

Professional legal support of negotiations and the contract process is a guarantee of comprehensive protection of the activities of any enterprise. If you want to minimize any risks associated with business partners, it is worth entrusting the solution of any issues under contract law to highly qualified specialists from the Legit Company Law Firm.


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