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“This is a question too difficult for a mathematician. It should be asked of a philosopher”(when asked about completing his income tax form)” Albert Einstein.Even at that time, the great scientist knew that taxes are not easy.

Tax risk analysis is an integral part of any business, regardless of its size and scope. The tax lawyer in Ukraine will help you in resolving any issues related to taxation and business structuring. Having a clear understanding of the specifics of Ukrainian and international tax legislation and having extensive practical experience in working with tax authorities, we successfully represent the interests of both large companies and private entrepreneurs.

If you need tax advice, if you need to resolve issues related to international or ukrainian taxation in domestic and foreign trade transactions, our tax consultant will become your indispensable assistant in the prompt and reliable solution to any problem.

Legal services on tax issues from professionals

Business and private clients often encounter difficulties in taxation issues, as well as when interacting with state tax authorities. Effective tax optimization and proper tax planning are tools that help businesses to efficiently build cash flows. Incorrect accounting of operations, incorrect execution of contracts and primary documentation, and sometimes work with a risky counterparty can have fatal consequences: additional charge of taxes, fines and penalties and sometimes criminal liability.

Minimizing tax risks is one of the activities of the Legit Company Law Firm, whose specialists are qualified to solve the most difficult issues in the field of tax law.

Legit company team will help you with the following aspects of the Tax law:

  • Tax consulting (VAT, corporate income tax, personnel income tax, unified social tax, withholding tax, agreements on double taxation avoidance, etc.)
  • Business structuring: advising on optimal business structure and taxation system.
  • Development of the commercial projects realization structure.
  • Preparation of legal memorandums and opinions on taxation
  • Disputing the State fiscal service decisions
  • Preparation of requests to the Fiscal service on getting individual tax consulting
  • Analysis of legal and tax exposures in the client’s activities and development of a strategy to minimize them
  • Audit of the legal framework, primary documentation, and search of the most effective mechanisms for resolving any issues.
  • Tax planning while structuring business-processes to get tax efficiency.
  • Legal support of the tax inspection.

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